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3 Benefits a Microgrid Will Have on Your Operations

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

So your company is considering a switch to its own power source? That's a great idea. Having your own microgrid power your facility can offer many benefits to you and your company (even more than what we're going to highlight here). From lowering your costs to improving your energy reliability, let's talk about why microgrids are the energy source of the future.

1. Cut your costs by generating your own energy

It is fairly common practice for a company to sell energy assets to you and walk away. That's not how we operate. Instead, we act as your all-in-one energy partner. In our array of services, we offer what is referred to as Data Management. Our data team manages your data using our state-of-the-art GridCare Technology. Because of this, we are constantly monitoring and optimizing your energy assets to ensure they're running at peak performance. The more efficiently your grid is running, the lower your energy costs will be.

With your own microgrid, you are in full control of energy costs and production. When you're tapped in to the central grid, that luxury doesn't exist. Instead, your energy production is constantly at the mercy of fluctuating costs based on the usage of everybody else who is tapped into that same grid.

Besides the lower costs of just raw energy production, microgrid owners will have the benefits of different state and federal clean energy programs. Depending on things like location and microgrid configuration, different incentives and tax credits could be available. Our team will help place you in all of the right places, don't worry!

2. Energy reliability and resilience

Let's rewind one full decade to 2012. Superstorm Sandy knocked out power for roughly 8 million consumers across 15 different states (and the District of Columbia). Some of these outages left both everyday citizens and business owners without power for two weeks or more. Some facilities managed to keep their lights on while others struggled in the darkness. This was because those facilities were powering themselves and weren't reliant on any sort of central grid.

The whole idea of private energy generation is that you're in control of what happens with your energy. The danger of outages for your business are not ideal, either. If you're a hospital with patients needing care, power outages can't happen.

Resilience is slightly different from reliability. If something were to go wrong and an issue would occur, it is much easier to remedy a solution when having all of the data on your grid. Our team monitors 24/7, so any issue will be spotted and taken care of immediately.

3. Improving the health of the environment

As conversation around environmental concerns grows, now is as good a time as any to leave a positive impact on the environment. Our engineers create microgrids using different sources of renewable energy, whether it be wind, solar, hydro, and so on.

Microgrids can even be programmed to achieve specific sustainability goals in the event that your company's main focus is a green future. All-in-all, a microgrid will be the first step in your company being friendly to the environment.

We encourage anybody interested in powering their facilities using renewable energy or a custom microgrid setup to get in contact with our team. From there, we can work together to engineer a plan for your success. Let's push energy into the future, together.


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