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Image by Karsten Würth

Meet Our Partners

Meet the GridSwitch partners that enable us to build the future of energy efficiently and effectively. Each one of our partners plays a key role in our operations.

Gray Matter Logo.png


GrayMatter's mission is to help people and industrial assets become smarter and more visible.

They focus on co-innovation and curating the best process and technology to drive industrial companies and utilities through digital transformation.



VisiumKMS is QHSE software that enables the constant flow of information, task scheduling and verification between front line teams and management. Our company holds environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices at the center of all our developments and we ensure that our solutions embrace and manifest these principles wherever possible.



Whether your goal is improving quality, boosting efficiency, optimizing energy usage, or all of the above, TwinThread delivers foresight that goes well beyond traditional optimization efforts to create measurable, sustainable improvements.



KorDev creates strategies for success. From web and graphic design to store digital management, they create customized plans to ensure rapid business development. From Start to finish, körDev creates a plan of action to ensure profits and progress.


Verdant Microgrid

Verdant is our partner in microgrid creation. They providing turnkey, economical solutions to energy intensive industries while providing superior returns to investors.

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